Salir con un colega en la oficina? Esto es lo que necesitas saber

office dating

¿Alguna vez ha de fecha, o pensado en salir con un colega en su oficina antes de? Data su colega en la oficina puede ser muy emocionante, ¿qué pasa con el juego al escondite y buscar? But it can also be very dangerous to your career if not well-managed and if you’re flouting company policy. Unless you are married and have scruples against it, nothing stops you from fancying someone you admire in your office and ending up having a romantic crush, but you must apply some maturity to make it work or it might end up disastrous. While some people will admit to having dated someone they have worked with, many others would rather be discreet and keep things to themselves. Whatever you choose to do, you must bear the following dos and don’ts in mind: (more…)