6 Дурак Proof Советы для написания бизнес-плана по вводу в эксплуатацию

Tips for Writing a Business Plan for Startup

Millions of new businesses are established every year but is disheartening to note that only a handful of them get to celebrate their third anniversary. The rest fail not because the management team does not have an idea or the skills to achieve the objectives, but because they do not have an action plan.

Whenever you are planning to venture into a particular business or industry, it is important to take the time to write business plan to help you make the right decisions every step of the way.

Here are six fool proof tips that you can use to write business plan that wins the hearts of investors, business partners, and the customers that you are eyeing. (more…)

Exceed Вашей корпоративной цели по продажам

10000 Man Workforce

STC в настоящее время располагает командой более десяти тысяч (10, 000+) well trained Direct Sales Representatives spread across 36 состояния (with focus on Port Harcourt, Лагос и ПКТ) в Нигерии, и мы намерены перенесут команду к банкам, Страховые компании, FMCG, Manufacturing Companies, Oil Companies (for sales of Lubricants), Power Companies as Monitoring Agents or Support Staff and Federal Government Agencies as Collection or Delivery Agents. (more…)

Как запустить Professional Meeting

Как запустить Professional Meeting

Подумайте о последней встрече вы имели. Это было продуктивным? Чувствовали ли вы, как жизненно важную часть судебного разбирательства? Вы отнимать что-нибудь ценное или действенные после того, как она была закончена? I’d be willing to bet you answered ‘no’ to at least one of those questions.

Meetings have earned a bad rap because many of them are a waste of time. A survey of 500 office workers by officebroker.com found that UK employees spend around 16 hours per week in meetings, а также 25 percent of that time (about 4 hours) is wasted. So how can we change that? (more…)

Как использовать Трудные сотрудников, чтобы увеличить свой бизнес Доходы

Use Difficult Employees to Increase Your Business Revenues

The Yorubas of South-Western Nigeria have a proverb: omo buruki l’ojo t’ire meaning “every bad person has his own day.” This proverb underlies the fact that some people could be incurably bad and difficult, but there will be a day when they badness will be the saving grace that people around him need. (more…)

Как создать новые бизнес-идеи в часах

New Business Ideas

Никогда не думайте, что это довольно легко создавать прибыльные бизнес-идеи в оснастке пальца, потому что это не. In fact, генерации бизнес-идей, даже не главная проблема; the main problem is getting a workable and viable idea that will translate the millions of sustainable income on auto pilot. (more…)