My Story: Why Female Bosses are Terrible

Why Female Bosses are Terrible

I had often thought that working with female bosses would be a stroll in the park because of their effeminacy and seeming gentleness, after all women are naturally more romantic than men; but I was mistaken. I used to see all women as the weaker vessels, and that they are more soft-hearted and emotional with issues than men, so they must be easy to work with as bosses; but again, I couldn’t be more wrong. And come to think of it, hundreds of men out there seem to agree with me that working with or under a female boss could turn out to be the most harrowing experience in any formal workplace.

In a recent study conducted in the United States, thousands of women confessed they prefer working under male bosses rather than female bosses; and that sets me thinking: if women hate to work under female bosses, why should a man love to? If a woman prefers to work under a man who could subject her to sexual harassment, and still prefer to put up with the treatment than work under a female boss, then something must be the issue with female bosses. And to buttress this point, most men say they regret working with female bosses themselves because the said bosses have made a nonsense of their careers, and some men have even been frustrated to the points that they tended their resignation and left the organisation.

Although there have been instances where men have been subjected to the harassment of female bosses because the latter have some measure of romantic interest in them, this is not always the case. As have been stated, women prefer to endure sexual harassment from men than work with female bosses, but where a female boss develops unreturned interest in a man, she makes the workplace hellish for the man and hates him with the same intensity with which she loved him. So to tell the truth, from my own experience and that of others, I have found that female bosses are difficult to work with because they are –

Bitchy. That is plain enough. Female bosses are usually bitchy and they find faults with everything a subordinate does. They bitch about this and that and never seem to find satisfaction in what everyone does except they do it themselves, and they just can’t. You can’t enjoy working with female boss, not even when she’s your mother, unless of course there is a clandestine relationship between you or you have some particular hold over her.

Sadistic. Female bosses are sadistic even though they don’t often know it. They tend to enjoy being in control and showing who the boss is. They tend to enjoy subjecting men to second place and exerting the control they can’t exert at home in the office. They love to dominate men in the office because that is the only place they have the legal rights to dominate a man in a level playing field. So female bosses are domineering and sadistic, and they wouldn’t admit it to anybody or to themselves.

Never promotes. Female bosses are so terrible to the extent that getting any promotions under them is nearly impossible. They are so oppressive to the extent that they would review their own subordinates and screen them over and over again before signing a recommendation for their promotion, because they know that the nearer a man is to them in rank the lesser their official control and hold over him.

If you have a female boss and the above is not the case with you, then you are one in a hundred, but if the above is what you endure from your female boss, then you must either go into fasting and prayers to win her or device ways to minimise her hold over you.

Photo credits: Quinn Dombrowski