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      • Former player Rabah Madjer returns as Algeria coach
        Algeria bring back former player Rabah Madjer as their new national coach, succeeding Lucas Alcaraz who was sacked after their failure to qualify for the World Cup.
        - 19 hours ago 18 Oct 17, 6:51pm -
      • Zambia's Bwalya to vet coaches for Uganda job
        Uganda's football federation turns to Zambian football legend Kalusha Bwalya for help in finding a new national coach for the Cranes.
        - 22 hours ago 18 Oct 17, 4:44pm -
      • Somali bomb victims
        A Facebook page is helping to identify those killed or missing in Somalia's deadliest terror attack in a decade.
        - 22 hours ago 18 Oct 17, 4:27pm -
      • Kenya election official Roselyn Akombe flees to US
        Roselyn Akombe says she fears for her life ahead of next week's presidential election re-run.
        - 1 day ago 18 Oct 17, 1:46pm -
      • Roselyn Akombe flees Kenya ahead of election re-run
        Election commissioner Roselyn Akombe explains why she fled Kenya ahead of poll re-run.
        - 1 day ago 18 Oct 17, 8:27un m -
      • 100 Women: The men being taught what harassment feels like
        Classes in Nairobi aim to teach boys and young men what constitutes harassment - and how to intervene if they spot it happening on public transport.
        - 2 il y a quelques jours 17 Oct 17, 11:36pm -
      • 'Failing teachers'
        Why is Africa's most populous country struggling to educate its children?
        - 2 il y a quelques jours 17 Oct 17, 11:20pm -
      • 'Remarkable' pioneer
        The University of Oxford pays tribute to its first black student Christian Cole.
        - 2 il y a quelques jours 17 Oct 17, 11:07pm -
      • Like father, like son?
        Timothy Weah says he is not overawed by the prospect of following the footsteps of famous father, and Liberian legend, George.
        - 2 il y a quelques jours 17 Oct 17, 4:49pm -
      • Mogadishu mourns
        Deadly bomb attacks in Somalia kill at least 281 people but there are no hashtags of solidarity
        - 2 il y a quelques jours 17 Oct 17, 12:52pm -
      • St Helena's new airport boosts tourism hopes
        Tourists can now fly to the rocky island where Napoleon died, Darwin studied and Captain Cook docked.
        - 3 il y a quelques jours 17 Oct 17, 12:33un m -
      • Adejuwon Soyinka: Lessons from Catalonia
        The crisis in Spain's Catalonia region is being closely watched in Nigeria and Cameroon, where secessionist movements have been stepping up campaigns for independence.
        - 3 il y a quelques jours 16 Oct 17, 11:16pm -
      • 100 Women: 'I look down and I see a hand on my boob'
        More than half of women in Kenya have been harassed on public transport, according to a recent study - Anita Nderu is one of them.
        - 3 il y a quelques jours 16 Oct 17, 3:09un m -
      • Becky Branford: 'I interviewed Sankara at 11'
        Thirty years after his death, Becky Branford recalls interviewing Burkina Faso's legendary leader just before he was assassinated.
        - 5 il y a quelques jours 15 Oct 17, 12:05un m -
      • Strutting their stuff
        A selection of the best photos from across Africa and of Africans this week.
        - 6 il y a quelques jours 13 Oct 17, 4:51un m -
      • Pumza Fihlani: SA murder ruling after 46 years
        The inquest into the 1971 death of an anti-apartheid activist finds he was murdered.
        - 7 il y a quelques jours 12 Oct 17, 10:58un m -
      • Reality check
        It's been claimed that US dogs have better access to cancer treatment than Nigerian people. Do they?
        - 7 il y a quelques jours 12 Oct 17, 7:52un m -
      • Death of the Nile
        Can the world's longest river be saved?
        - 8 il y a quelques jours 11 Oct 17, 11:12pm -
      • Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani: Will Nigeria avoid repeating past mistakes?
        Many of the hopes Nigerians had at independence have been dashed, writes Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani.
        - 15 il y a quelques jours 4 Oct 17, 8:04un m -
      • Joseph Warungu: Bible-bashing in Kenya's election
        Joseph Warungu reflects on how the Bible has taken centre stage in the battle for the Kenyan an presidency.
        - 17 il y a quelques jours 2 Oct 17, 11:25pm -
      • Wrecked lives of Kasai
        Violent clashes between government and rebel forces has led to huge civilian displacement.
        - 25 il y a quelques jours 24 Sep 17, 11:20pm -
      • Food security
        Helping communities feed themselves during political and environmental instability.
        - 31 il y a quelques jours 19 Sep 17, 12:04un m -
      • One month after the mudslide
        One month ago, a mudslide devastated parts of Freetown, Sierra Leone.
        - 36 il y a quelques jours 14 Sep 17, 12:37un m -
      • Elizabeth Ohene: London’s coconut fad
        Ghanaian journalist Elizabeth Ohene reflects on how London has changed and how it compares to Accra.
        - 37 il y a quelques jours 12 Sep 17, 11:53pm -
      • Where 'spirits' come to life
        Egungun - the festival where "spirits" come to life. Photographs by Charlie Northcott & Joshua Akinyemi.
        - 57 il y a quelques jours 23 Aug 17, 3:34pm -
      • Surviving Sierra Leone's mudslide
        Five survivors of Sierra Leone mudslide give harrowing accounts of their loss and how they escaped death.
        - 58 il y a quelques jours 22 Aug 17, 11:05pm -
      • Hunger in first 1,000 days
        How child malnutrition affects communities across Ghana.
        - 84 il y a quelques jours 27 Jul 17, 7:58un m -
      • Yousra Elbagir: Big and beautiful in Sudan
        In our series of letters from African journalists, Yousra Elbagir explores Sudanese women's appetite for weight gain pills.
        - 92 il y a quelques jours 19 Jul 17, 11:32pm -
      • Eritrea capital Asmara makes World Heritage list
        Architecture from the colonial era left an "exceptional example" of modernism, judges say.
        - 8 Jul 17, 4:08pm -

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