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10000 Omul forței de muncă

STC dispune în prezent o echipă de peste zece mii (10, 000+) bine instruit Reprezentanți vânzări directe raspandit peste tot 36 statele (cu se concentreze pe Port Harcourt, Lagos și FCT) în Nigeria și intenționăm să externalizeze echipa la bănci, Firme de asigurari, Bunuri de larg consum, Companii de productie, Companiile de petrol (pentru vânzările de lubrifianți), Companii de putere ca Agenți sau Suport de monitorizare Personal și agențiile guvernamentale federale ca agenți de colectare sau de livrare.

The team would be provided with necessary basic training and marketing tools, to hit the market pushing the Company’s product and services, and at the end of the month their income could be pro-rated against the target achieved by each person, with a possible promise of full time employment after a probationary period of six (6) months for exceptional team members.

  • The Team will be engaged as contract staffs and will be managed by STC for Clients organization.
  • All payments, remunerations, commissions due this team will be paid through STC to every member of the team.
  • STC will be responsible upon short notice to replace any member of the team not found satisfactory by client, at no charge due to the retainership agreement.

Return on Investment

Due to our experience in delivering this niche service, STC.Staffing guarantees a minimum monthly sales volume of N5 – 10 billion from the Sales Team as return on investment, bearing in mind that it cost less than 15% of sales margin to maintain each team member per month.

Justifications for Engaging Us

  • Remuneration are subject to productivity hence should drive improved performance.
  • Model eliminates cost accrued on non-performing personnel
  • The various stages of incentive package will ensure constant motivation to sales staff.

Control Structure

  • No cash policy

No member of the team would receive cash on behalf of the company from any customer, all transactions could be carried out through Transfers, POS, card payment, cheques or Draft. This would be monitored by Full time Staffs of clients in all offices, sales agents are attached to.

  • Guarantors

Each Team Member have verified Guarantors in case of Theft or Fraud.

  • Insurance Bond

The Project, Company and Team possess an Insurance Bond that covers in the case of Theft or Fraud from any team member in any location.

  • Third Party Employment

The Team Members remain staffs of STC working on secondment to Clients as Direct Sales Officers.

  • Non Performing Staff Replacement Policy

We replace below average & non-performing team members every three (3) month with new members to assure optimum performance per person.

Renumeration Models

There two types of remuneration packages available to clients,

  • Prorated Remuneration Package

Monthly income would be pro-rated against the target achieved by each person per month, but Group Life Insurance (disability and death) would be provided and Health Insurance will be provided.

  • Fixed Remuneration Package

A fixed salary will be agreed upon with client per month, this package also will include Group Life Insurance (disability and death) and Healthcare Insurance.

Contact Us for Further Enquiries

Call The Outsourcing Company on +234-1-2705560 ext 627
Africa Re-Insurance Building, 3rd Floor, 1679 Karimu Kotun, V.I Lagos,

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