¿Existen leyes intemporales e inmutable para ganar dinero?

Timeless and Immutable Laws to Making Money

La gente de generación en generación se han preguntado a menudo si había algunos secretos para hacer dinero, y si había algunas leyes que podrían ser puestos en movimiento para atraer más dinero. The truth is that while many of these inquirers have did discover some secrets to making money naturally flow to them, others continue to grope in the dark struggling to unravel if there’s any truth to laws of money. So are there foolproof laws to making money and attracting more money? Sí, there are irrefutable, timeless, and immutable laws to making and attracting money, and some of them are:

- Money is attracted to work: The first law of money is that money doesn’t grow on trees, it thrives on work. Money is attracted to work the way a falling leaf is attracted to the ground. The only legitimacy that money has for coming to you is when you do a work that attracts it. People get paid for working or for getting anything done; and money is the only means of exchange for giving value. No one can give you money unless you’ve earned it – work is the only way to earn money, and money will always flow in the direction of work, products, and services.

- Spend lesser than you make: Money flies and you must make an effort to tie it down. Do this by spending less than you make. Making an effort to save money ties it down to you and makes it obedient to you until you decide to send it on worthy errands. When you spend more than you make, then you become a slave to money but money will choose to do your bidding if you’d save enough of it to command its allegiance.

- Money reproduces itself or breeds more money: Money has the capacity to breed its own kind when it is put to use. Put a small amount of money to use and it breeds small, or put a large amount of money to use and it breeds a large kind. Money has the capability to reproduce itself when it is given the right conditions, and it assumes a life of its own when you put it to work for you.

- Respect the process and efforts it takes to make money: You must respect the efforts and process it takes to acquire money to learn how it desires to be handled. Money desires to be respected when you understand it is gotten. You tend to waste money when you disregard the process for acquiring it, and you tend to keep and honour it when you respect the efforts you put into acquiring it.

- You can’t satisfy all your needs with money: Money wants everyone to know it cannot do everything even though it can do most things. So spending money on those things it cannot do and concentrate on those things it can do. Money can buy you a bed but it can’t buy sleep; it can buy comfort but not peace; it can buy materials but never satisfaction – yet we pursue money on account of what it can’t do to obtain what it can do!

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