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            • Brexit talks: Michel Barnier focuses on three things
              The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has consistently called for agreement on these three things before talks go on.
              - 9 ώρες πριν 20 Οκτ 17, 3:54είμαι -
            • Heseltine: Brexit manoeuvring 'makes me weep'
              Lord Heseltine tells BBC Newsnight that the more unpopular Brexit becomes, the higher the probability of a Labour government.
              - 9 ώρες πριν 20 Οκτ 17, 3:53είμαι -
            • Armando Iannucci talks Alan Partridge and Malcolm Tucker
              The state of politics means there is no need for The Thick of It, and it would be "beyond sitcom territory" to produce Veep currently, says Armando Iannucci.
              - 11 ώρες πριν 20 Οκτ 17, 1:18είμαι -
            • Caitríona Ruane resigns as deputy assembly speaker
              Caitríona Ruane did not stand in the March election and faced calls to quit over her £55,000 salary.
              - 16 ώρες πριν 19 Οκτ 17, 9:06μετα μεσημβριας -
            • 'No proceedings' against Lib Dem MSP over election case
              Prosecutors say there will be no proceedings against Alex Cole-Hamilton over claims he broke electoral law.
              - 20 ώρες πριν 19 Οκτ 17, 5:00μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
              A guide to how the UK will leave the European Union after the 2016 referendum.
              - 21 ώρες πριν 19 Οκτ 17, 4:09μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Parliament investigates report of falling masonry
              A car window has apparently been smashed by masonry falling from a Parliamentary building.
              - 22 ώρες πριν 19 Οκτ 17, 2:59μετα μεσημβριας -
            • The other 'no deal' view
              Reporters covering the EU summit in Brussels share how their countries see a "no deal" Brexit.
              - 22 ώρες πριν 19 Οκτ 17, 2:40μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Crime rises by 13% in England and Wales, ONS statistics say
              There were an average of 100,000 crimes a week in the year to June, the Office for National Statistics says.
              - 23 ώρες πριν 19 Οκτ 17, 1:44μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Don't ignore MPs' universal credit vote, Sir Edward Leigh warns
              Sir Edward Leigh criticises the government's response to a Commons vote to pause universal credit.
              - 1 πριν από την ημέρα 19 Οκτ 17, 11:42είμαι -
            • UK banks 'exposed to money laundering in South Africa'
              Lord Hain says up to £400m may inadvertently have been laundered by HSBC and Standard Chartered.
              - 1 πριν από την ημέρα 19 Οκτ 17, 11:33είμαι -
            • Clinton and May discuss Stormont crisis
              The prime minister discusses the political impasse in NI with former US president Bill Clinton.
              - 1 πριν από την ημέρα 19 Οκτ 17, 10:20είμαι -
            • Pro-Brexit MPs urge Theresa May to quit talks
              Pro-Brexit MPs and business leaders step up pressure on Theresa May ahead of crunch EU summit.
              - 1 πριν από την ημέρα 19 Οκτ 17, 10:01είμαι -
            • Smacking to be banned in Scotland
              The move would make the country the first part of the UK to outlaw the physical punishment of children.
              - 1 πριν από την ημέρα 19 Οκτ 17, 9:44είμαι -
            • Reality Check
              After five rounds of talks, the two sides are making competing claims about progress. How much has really been made?
              - 2 μέρες πριν 19 Οκτ 17, 12:03είμαι -
            • Theresa May to scrap universal credit helpline charges
              But PM rejects Labour's calls to pause the new benefit's roll-out as she loses symbolic Commons vote.
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 10:19μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Big Ben will chime again in November but may be inaccurate
              The chimes will be the first since August when they stopped to allow repairs to the Elizabeth Tower.
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 9:34μετα μεσημβριας -
            • UKIP's Neil Hamilton named as leader in Wales by Henry Bolton
              Henry Bolton appoints his team of spokespeople after winning UKIP's latest leadership contest.
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 3:27μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Unemployment drops by 52,000 but pay squeeze continues
              The number of people out of work falls by 52,000, but earnings fail to keep pace with inflation.
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 3:11μετα μεσημβριας -
            • 'Rogue' property agents to be targeted, ministers say
              Plans to protect leaseholders and tenants in England from unfair costs are set out by ministers.
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 1:55μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Theresa May defends football referee Tory MP Douglas Ross
              Douglas Ross is to miss a debate on universal credit because he is officiating in a Champions League match.
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 12:39μετα μεσημβριας -
            • EU Withdrawal Bill 'won't be debated this month'
              Labour says the "further delay" shows "the government's Brexit strategy is in paralysis".
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 12:08μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Tuition fee rise to £9,295 in Wales is scrapped
              The education secretary also confirms the income level at which loans have to be repaid will rise.
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 10:36είμαι -
            • Tim Loughton: The MP who loves being in hot water
              Tim Loughton says a long soak is the best way "to relax and compose my thoughts for the day ahead".
              - 2 μέρες πριν 18 Οκτ 17, 9:04είμαι -
            • Lenin in London
              How events in London in the early 20th Century played a vital role in the lead up to the Russian Revolution.
              - 4 μέρες πριν 16 Οκτ 17, 8:18είμαι -
            • Reality Check
              Theresa May and EU leaders say they are hopeful of reaching a Brexit deal - what if they don't?
              - 6 μέρες πριν 14 Οκτ 17, 10:31είμαι -
            • Party conferences 2017
              The latest on the major political parties in the autumn conference season.
              - 7 μέρες πριν 13 Οκτ 17, 12:56μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Going underground
              It's been a year since a committee recommended vacating the Palace of Westminster for a complete refurbishment.
              - 8 μέρες πριν 12 Οκτ 17, 8:48είμαι -
            • Reality Check
              How do plans to expand childcare provision in Scotland compare with schemes in the rest of the UK?
              - 9 μέρες πριν 11 Οκτ 17, 2:01μετα μεσημβριας -
            • What next for the Greens?
              Conference mood is optimistic despite a poor general election and Labour encroaching on its turf.
              - 10 μέρες πριν 10 Οκτ 17, 9:47είμαι -
            • Poll tracker
              BBC political analyst Peter Barnes looks at how the polls have panned out over the summer.
              - 14 μέρες πριν 6 Οκτ 17, 3:02μετα μεσημβριας -
            • 'Life is good'
              What do people waiting for an organ, or who have recently had a transplant, make of plans for an opt-out organ donation system in England?
              - 14 μέρες πριν 6 Οκτ 17, 12:00μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Titanium Theresa
              People at this week's Tory conference in Manchester got well used to the sounds of David Guetta.
              - 15 μέρες πριν 5 Οκτ 17, 3:25μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Tories on Corbyn
              Tory members say they underestimated the Labour leader - but can't agree on how to fight back.
              - 15 μέρες πριν 5 Οκτ 17, 2:34μετα μεσημβριας -
            • The 'British Dream'?
              The PM has promised to bring back the 'British Dream', although few of us agree on what the idea means.
              - 15 μέρες πριν 5 Οκτ 17, 11:28είμαι -
            • Reality Check
              Black people remain more likely to be stopped and searched than any other ethnic group.
              - 16 μέρες πριν 4 Οκτ 17, 5:28μετα μεσημβριας -
            • 'Don't try to be cool'
              More young people are voting than at any time in the last 25 χρόνια, but largely not for the Conservatives. What should they do?
              - 18 μέρες πριν 2 Οκτ 17, 1:28είμαι -
            • Who's that girl?
              Lauren Stocks, 16, on public speaking, trolls and her political ambitions for the future.
              - 19 μέρες πριν 1 Οκτ 17, 5:20είμαι -
            • Who's who: Theresa May's cabinet
              Theresa May forms her new government after failing to win a majority in the election.
              - 4 Ιουλ 17, 2:57μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Who's who
              Profiles of eight people who will work out the detail of the exit deal.
              - 16 Ιουν 17, 10:42είμαι -
            • Theresa May: 10 reasons why the PM blew her majority
              Theories abound about how Theresa May threw away her Commons majority in last week's general election - here are 10 of them.
              - 14 Ιουν 17, 4:01μετα μεσημβριας -
            • Which seats changed hands at election?
              As the UK wakes up to a hung Parliament find out which seats have changed hands.
              - 10 Ιουν 17, 8:28είμαι -
            • Election: Key points at-a-glance
              An at-a-glance summary of the key points of Election 2017.
              - 9 Ιουν 17, 4:18μετα μεσημβριας -

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