Causes of Mayhem in a Marriage and How to Avoid Them

Causes of Mayhem in a Marriage and How to Avoid Them

Marriage is a beautiful thing and all happily married couples can attest to this. You would see a lot of love in the air when you attend Nigerian weddings, especially the glamorous ones where you eat a lot of assorted foods and strawberry garnished cakes and cream to your satisfaction.

The problem with many couples is that they don’t see beyond this day and it’s really a matter of time before so many things starts to unfold to them. Marriage takes serious patience and the willingness to understand your partner’s behavior to the minute details.


Here are some of the things that may cause mayhem in a marriage:

Money Issues

A big mistake many couples make is that they spend a lot on their wedding and later get so much in debt after the wedding. It’s no secret that fighting about money puts a huge strain on a relationship.

Money issues are so troublesome that people who say they’re experiencing stress in their relationship cites finances as the number one reason for break ups.

Am not saying that couples who have enough money to nurture their families don’t have problems, am only saying that not knowing how to manage money is the backbone of most marriage issues.

Effective management and budgeting would be good ways to solve this problem.  Budgeting is very vital as it is the most effective way to keep track of your expenses. This way, you are both informed on how the money is been spent which will keep the relationship healthy and enhance trust.

Get To Know Your Spouse

There is a difference between courtship and marriage. A whole lot of couples don’t know a 100% about their partners during courtship until during the marriage.The truth is you would eventually find out new things about your spouse and have to put up with a lot of things. There are some annoying habits you might need to condone from your spouse. Make sure to learn everything you can about your husband or wife and to communicate about these new findings of yours.

This helps keeps the relationship healthy and easy for both parties to understand each other.

Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle Cell Anemia can be the cause of so many problems in a home especially when couples have a child with SS genotype. It is of utmost importanceyou do a blood test to test for your genotypes before marriage, this would prevent you from giving birth to an anemic child and would sure save you a lot of headaches.

A person with ac genotype is not supposed to marry someone with SS, AC or AS genotypes. These sets have 25 to 50% chance of having an anemic child, which could causethe family a lot of problems. So many homes have been broken due to ignorance and lack of sensitivity.

Lack Of Intimacy

The lack of intimacy can cause dispute in the home. You need to get intimate with your spouse to keep the fire burning. Go on dinner dates, see a new movie at the mall, take him or her bowling or visit that lovely location you both have been talking about for while. Do something outside the regular thing you both normally do. This would create more bond between the two of you and strengthen your relationship.