Tips and Traps of Online Dating

Tips and Traps of Online Dating

Internet has become an essential part of our life. We check on news online, book trips and vacations, buy stuff, read papers and magazines and socialize and stay in contact with family and friends using all kinds of social media or instant messengers. In other words, whatever we want, it is there. And when we decide that we are feeling lonely and in need of a long term (or short term) friend or partner, we turn to different types of dating services. (more…)

Nice and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and Things To Do

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and Things To Do

2016 Valentine’s Day is much around the corner again, and you must have been wondering what to present as special gifts to that special someone. As everyone knows, Valentine’s Day is an annual romantic event that is celebrated globally with fanfare, and it is a time to express romantic appreciations to your spouse, lover, and other persons that you love. From Nigeria to Nicaragua, from the Congo to the Vatican, from South Africa to Argentina, and from continents to continents, Valentine’s Day is a romantic occasion when the old become young at heart again, and the young revel in the exhilaration of being in love. Yes, of loving and of being loved. But then, this globally romantic occasion presents two initial challenges to people the world over: What to do, or things to do on a Valentine’s Day; and gift ideas for a Valentine’s Day occasion. Let’s take the first challenge first, okay? (more…)

How to Work and Earn Without Difficulties

How to Work and Earn Without Difficulties

A major setback to getting older and/or working is the ability to learn in school again. Your best bet for going to school is when you’re younger and enrolled at college or university to pursue some degree course, but when you’re much older or working, going back to school is not so easy again if not nearly impossible. Many working adults still want to go back to school today, or rather attain some academic qualifications that will enhance their work experience and career promotions or monthly salaries, but the demands of working from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. has made their educational ambition tough to achieve. Although all hope is not lost, it is still very possible to work and learn with relative ease if you’d apply the following advice: (more…)

6 Tips on Making a Success of Working from Home

Working from Home

Working from home is the next best thing to working in an office or site, and it fast becoming the choice of many women and men across America and the whole world. The internet has made working from home or telecommuting a great success, and many entrepreneurs are exploiting the technology to make easier money than was otherwise thought possible. Apart from the fact that many workers would prefer to work from home in order to be closer to their families and to cut down on the stress and cost of commuting, many employers are now considering work-at-home options for their employees because it allows them cut down on overhead expenses like power, rent, transport allowances, insurance, stationery, and other office or workplace expenses.


Exceed Your Corporate Sales Target

10000 Man Workforce

STC currently possesses a team of over Ten thousand (10, 000+) well trained Direct Sales Representatives spread across 36 states (with focus on Port Harcourt, Lagos and FCT) in Nigeria and we intend to outsource the team to Banks, Insurance Companies, FMCG, Manufacturing Companies, Oil Companies (for sales of Lubricants), Power Companies as Monitoring Agents or Support Staff and Federal Government Agencies as Collection or Delivery Agents. (more…)