5 Crazy Millionaires That Made Millions In Crazy Ways

5 Crazy Millionaires That Made Millions In Crazy Ways

There is always someone who made several millions in a crazy way, and you too could. People continue to come up with crazy ideas that end up fetching them millions of dollars per year and they end up being celebrated and interviewed on TV because their crazy ideas end up earning them a splendid living. Below are just some of them while there are several others coming up by the day. Why don’t you give that crazy idea of yours some vent today and see what happens next?

1. Noel Biderman is a former attorney and a happily married man, but he founded a site to help married couples cheat on their spouses. There is no doubt that cheating on your spouse is wrong and bad in every sense of the word, but a record membership of 3.2 million members on subscription on www.ashleymadison.com suggests that Noel Biderman has hit the right cord with many people. His guess proved him right that millions of couples desire to cheat on their spouses for the kicks, and this businessman doesn’t mind creating the opportunity they need while he smiles to the bank to the tune of millions of dollars.

2. Mathew Osborn is the owner of www.pooper-scooper.com and the owner of Pet Butler, the largest dog poop disposal businessman in the United States. He was earning only $6 per hour at his regular job but this could not feed his growing family and he needed badly to acquire a new source of sustainable income. He soon learnt that people had over 100,000 dogs within his town and these dogs littered everywhere with poop. Osborn took up the task of scooping these dogs’ poop and started making millions after millions of dollars from it. He now has about 6 trucks to do his pet poop disposal business and several staff workers to cater to over 3,000 clients within the United States.

3. A young boy of 21 became a millionaire from selling an online advertising space for $1 per pixel. Alex Tew was a student from Wiltshire and in 2005 he set up www.milliondollarhomepage.com which had 1million image pixels to be sold for $1 each. He sold out and became a millionaire in a few months of trying out his ideas. Today, he is on to bigger things.

4. Fraser Doherty was 14 when he started using his grandmother’s secret recipes to make homemade jam. He soon left school at 16 to concentrate on his jam business and today he makes $1 to $2 million annually and sells over 500,000 jars of jams a year, thereby claiming about 10% of UK’s jam market with his Super Jam produced in his grandmother’s kitchen in Scotland.

5. Father Bernard McCoy is a Catholic monk and the CEO of www.lasermonks.com who provides cartridge and printer inks for businesses and monk communities in large discounts. He came upon the idea when he ran out of printing ink one day and since then started filling printer inks and toners for small businesses. Today he services over 300 toner filling requests per day and his sales has gone up from $2,000 in 2002 to $2.5 million in 2005.

Photo Credit: Håkan Dahlström